Water Smart Conversions

The Southern Nevada Water Authority has a valuable rebate for lawn conversions! For every square foot of grass you have converted to water smart landscaping, you'll get $1.50 from the SNWA, which will pay for most, if not all, of your conversion! Greenline works closely with the SNWA to make sure your conversion qualifies for the rebate.

Click here to visit the Southern Nevada Water Authority Conversion homepage or call us at 382-5511 for more information on this once in a lifetime deal!

Converting your lawn to desert landscaping:

* Conserves the Valley's most precious natural resource.

* Earn a money saving rebate: $1.50/sq. foot!

* Keeps annoying sprinkler marks off your car and windows.

* Desert Landscaping requires much less maintenance than a lawn!

* Adds a beautiful and native look to your yard.

* New landscaping adds curb appeal, increasing property value!



Wondering how a desert friendly landscape will look in place of your lush, green lawn? The Las Vegas Valley Water District's Springs Preserve was built with you in mind! The Gardens at the Springs Preserve offer examples of landscapes that are both lush and eco-friendly, allowing you to save water and still have a beautiful yard. They provide free classes and demonstrations as well as a place to just relax and enjoy the beauty of the natural desert. Visit The Gardens at the Springs Preserve at 3701 W. Alta Drive (near Valley View) or click here to visit their informative website!

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